Monday, February 16, 2009

parking lot

Here is what I did today. I sat in a parking lot waiting for someone. So I drew what was around me! I didn't have my favorite pen so I used some "value" pens and only got so far before time ran out.


Gerald said...

These are fantastic! Just by the thumbnails, they look like photos with a sepia tone :)

Are you using Prisma markers?

I used to always run out of my favorite brush pen markers. One time it dried up during a Sketchcrawl. Another time it ran out during freelance job :(

So I've invested in refillable brush pens...I wish I new they existed back then...but we learn :D

polusladkaia said...

How kind of you! I am always surprised when an image begins emerging from my scratches and scribbles.
I like Prismacolor too but these were Pitt brush pens. They come in a packet of three cool grey values and 3 warm grey values (or individually). I only got as far as one tone on the truck and partway into two tones on the other drawing. They came from Cheap Joe's Art Stuff but I think Dick Blick carries them too.
I've been curious about refillable brush pens, what type do you use? Do the refills come in cartridges?
Love your animated avatar on your blog!
I hope you're right about the "we learn." I could use some of that!