Sunday, June 21, 2009

Bardens' garden

Here are a couple small plein air oil sketches from yesterday's "Secret Gardens of Lake Forest Park" tour! Many thanks to Carolyn and Chuff Barden for inviting Frances and me to paint in their garden! The upper image was painted on gold-gessoed hardboard, 8" x 8". The lower one is painted over a red acrylic base on canvasboard, 12" x 12".


wangfineart said...

Love the top one! The color are so luminous and rich! I wonder what brand of oil paint you are using?

polusladkaia said...

Thank you for your kindness! Your blogged paintings are a daily inspiration.
These are Winsor & Newton Artisan water-miscible oils. I began using them for plein air painting, find they also work beautifully in the studio!