Friday, August 7, 2009

oh Canada

Visited Vancouver, B.C. , one of my favorite cities, this week to see the Dutch Masters show at Vancouver Art Gallery. Been a few years since I've seen a Vermeer up close! Just a few Rembrandts, one Vermeer (The Love Letter) -- and a lot of other great paintings and history. Being of Dutch heritage I am finally, at this advanced age, taking an interest in a culture I have always considered stultifying. It was illuminating to learn (again and in more depth) that the elaborate Protestant religiosity I grew up with has a history several centuries old; was not the product of my ancestors' lack of imagination, but of spritual and economic necessity and innovation; had served countless generations of peasant survival. While I have known the Dutch explored and colonized widely, I don't think I fully realized just how vast their geographical presence was, preceding British expansion.
While there I was able to get in some sketches from the beach at English Bay. Here are a couple -- one in gouache/ink and one in oil.
Did some sketching in the Gallery too. Will get some of those up after I add some color. They only allow pencils inside!


Tyler Street said...

So glad to see your beautiful views! Hope your visit was restorative!

polusladkaia said...

Dear Tyler, we can bring watercolor pencils and wet them later! Looking ever forward!