Sunday, August 16, 2009

the resurgence of jazz

we are going out on a limb here. tulips traditionally, of course, must be watched over if not redistributed by an animal companion; but we are just getting back into the swing of things. here are a few new little sketches in mixed media, somewhat reminiscent of a style that used to be mine.


Tyler Street said...

I especially love the single bloom in the middle picture! And have I ever told you how much I like that SPOON?!? T

Gerald said...

Great set of flower studies! It's like you captured the wind blowing passed the leaves and tulips.

Glad to hear you've jumped at the opportunity to head the Seattle Plein Air meetup group. I went through the same issue with the Bay Area group. Except the organizer didn't offer to transfer the account, so we started from scratch and began the North Bay Plein Air.

I still look forward to painting with our group in the future :) I'll surely contact you when that happens.