Wednesday, November 25, 2009

bridge to somewhere

Here are my two newest tiny (4 inches square) paintings. I am tempted to just do these tiny little paintings forever, this is really satisfying! They begin as pen/brush drawings on gessoed canvas in airbrush-consistency acrylic (I call it ink); when that is dry, I add tiny bits of color, transparent and opaque, until they are suddenly done!

These are views of the Aurora bridge west of Gas Works Park here in Seattle.

This one, West From Gas Works II, was originally drawn in white acrylic on black gesso:

West From Gas Works III was sketched in anthraquinone blue acrylic "ink" on white gesso:


Gerald de Dios said...

This painting makes me want to paint Gasworks more and more!Fantastic work with the acrylics on gesso. Really liking the way you used the black to divide the marina boats and bridge.

polusladkaia said...

Thank you, Gerald! Looking forward to your painting visit whenever you can make it! As you know we are in the throes of Seattle winter -- pouring rain right now!


That bridge is just delicious. I love the way you have made the light spill through in a doily effect.